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Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund stands out as a noteworthy initiative, enabling residents and the broader community to contribute to the welfare of friends and loved ones who may be facing financial challenges. This inclusive approach to financial support fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility, reinforcing that everyone has a role to play in supporting each other.

As a supporter of Menno Haven’s mission, one can take pride in knowing that their contributions not only have an immediate impact on residents’ lives but also contribute to the creation of a caring and compassionate community that values the principles of shared responsibility and support.

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Menno Cares Fund

The purpose of this fund is to allocate resources providing healing, hope and Menno Haven Team Members in need.  This program follows the policies established by the Menno Cares committee and approved by the CEO which may include support, education, assistance or financial aid for the betterment of Menno Haven Team Members and families through group ministry events or on an individual basis. Menno Cares Fund is designed to direct Menno Haven’s effort to live its charitable mission towards our team members.

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Capital Improvements

Explore the Menno Haven Capital Improvements Fund—a vital resource fueling the growth of our community. Your support contributes to enhancing and expanding Menno Haven’s facilities to better serve our residents and uphold our commitment to excellence. Join us in building a brighter future for our community.

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Menno Haven Hope House

Join us in fostering community through partnerships! Menno Haven and Habitat for Humanity are collaborating to build a single-detached ranch-style home in 2024 on Sutherland Court in the Greenvillage area of Chambersburg. Menno Haven and local community volunteers will handle various tasks, from framing to painting, following the Habitat model. This joint effort, named the Hope House, aims to provide a safe and affordable home for a Menno Haven Team Member. The completed home will be sold to a qualified Team Member with a no-interest loan from Habitat. Menno Haven is actively raising funds for the lot, building materials, and construction costs which are estimated at approximately $250,000. Be part of this impactful project by donating today!

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Operations Unrestricted Fund

The Operations Unrestricted Fund empowers the Menno Haven Senior Team and Board of Directors to strategically allocate funds where they are most needed, enabling our organization to fulfill its mission, vision, and values effectively.

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Branch Creek Place

Menno Haven proudly sponsors Branch Creek Place, located in Shippensburg, PA, a vibrant Senior Center offering a variety of activities and services to its participants. From nutritious meals and lively fellowship to service projects and health initiatives, the center is a hub for seniors to socialize and engage in meaningful activities. Additionally, the center operates a Meals on Wheels program, delivering 51-60 meals daily to homebound individuals from Monday to Friday, combating isolation and ensuring proper nutrition. Branch Creek Place also hosts community events, including the annual Veterans Ceremony organized by The Warriors Quilting Club, which honors local veterans and distributes handmade quilts. Moreover, Bingo night is a regular highlight every Wednesday, welcoming participants for a fun-filled evening of games and camaraderie. Branch Creek Place stands as a safe and welcoming space dedicated to enhancing the well-being and quality of life for seniors in the community.

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