Menno Haven established its Benevolent Fund to provide a secure future for the organization’s residents. It is structured so that a portion of the principle is released for use each year, allowing charitable donations to have a more significant impact over time.

Menno Haven goes beyond financial considerations in its care, providing over $1.5 million in benevolent care each year, which truly reflects a commitment to the well-being and dignity of all residents. The Benevolent Fund is an excellent initiative, allowing residents and the broader community to support friends and loved ones who may face financial challenges in accessing the care they need.

The Benevolent Fund stands out as a noteworthy initiative, enabling residents and the broader community to contribute to the welfare of friends and loved ones who may be facing financial challenges. This inclusive approach to financial support fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility, reinforcing that everyone has a role to play in supporting each other.

The emphasis on the generosity of donors and the lasting impact of their gifts underscores the community’s pivotal role in Menno Haven’s mission. The collaborative effort and the strength of community bonds are indeed powerful, creating an environment where individuals unite to support one another in achieving a common goal – ensuring the well-being and dignity of all residents.

As a supporter of Menno Haven’s mission, one can take pride in knowing that their contributions not only have an immediate impact on residents’ lives but also contribute to the creation of a caring and compassionate community that values the principles of shared responsibility and support.

A Multi-Year Pledge

Donor(s) may choose to make their campaign gifts payable over a period of up to five years with the completion of a written pledge form.

A Gift of Securities

Menno Haven supporters may own stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that have appreciated beyond their original cost and may consider making their campaign gift with these appreciated securities. Often, such a gift represents a tax efficient way to support Menno Haven.

An IRA Charitable Rollover

Donors age 70½ years or older may consider making a direct transfer from their IRA accounts to Menno Haven. The basic details and restrictions for taking advantage of this tax-wise giving opportunity are as follows:

  • You must be 70½ or older when you make your gift, and the gift must be made from an IRA – no other retirement plans (such as 401k, 403b or SEP accounts) qualify.
  • Your gift must come to Menno Haven outright – it cannot be used to establish a life-income arrangement or support a donor-advised fund.
  • Although the distribution will be free from income tax, it will not generate an income tax charitable deduction, nor will you report the income.
  • You are permitted to donate up to $100,000 annually.
  • This giving option may be of particular benefit for those who do not itemize deductions.

A Planned GIft

In addition to current gifts, planned estate gifts are very important to the future of Menno Haven. There are a number of options for creating a planned gift either currently or through your estate, including charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, outright bequests, naming Menno Haven as a beneficiary in your retirement plan, and gifts of life insurance. New and increased planned gifts are an excellent way to augment your current gift to Menno Haven. 

A Gift of Real Estate, Art or Jewelry

Under certain circumstances, Menno Haven may accept gifts of real estate or other property.

Resident Refundable Deposit (For Menno Haven’s Independent Living Residents)

Gifting the refundable deposit portion of the entrance fee to Menno Haven is an option for Menno Haven’s independent living residents (Independent Living residents may refer to their Entrance Agreement for information regarding this loan). Donations of the entire loan, or a portion, are acceptable. The amount of the interest-free loan that is donated is eligible for a tax deduction.

Will my gift to Menno Haven be tax deductible?

Yes. Menno Haven is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. Gifts made to Menno Haven are tax exempt to the fullest extent of the law. We suggest that you contact your financial advisor for the most “tax-wise” way to make your gift.

How will the Benevolent Fund benefit Menno Haven and its current and future residents?

A growing and robust endowment fund will generate important annual income that can be used to help provide benevolent care for those who experience unexpected financial challenges, and will help sustain programs, projects and technological advances in perpetuity. Many supporters will choose to make a gift to Menno Haven’s endowment fund with a new or increased planned (estate) gift.

Over how many years may I pay my pledge?

Menno Haven is offering pledge payments for a period of one to five years, if requested. Because of the tremendous importance of annual giving, Menno Haven asks that gifts be made “over and above” what is ordinarily gifted to the Menno Haven community on an annual basis.

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