What are Adult Day Services? Respite for You and Fun for Your Loved One

Caring for an elderly parent or spouse can be challenging. Caregiver burnout is real, and even though most caregivers are committed to caring for their loved ones, they also admit that they need a break.

Some barely have time to care for personal things while also caring for a parent or spouse. Some are juggling their job with caregiving. Some just need a break from the daily 24/7 demands.

With all these challenges, many caregivers need options for elder care – especially during the day when they have commitments like jobs, errands, or appointments. If you’re a caregiver facing these challenges, adult day services could be your solution to balancing it all.

Adult day services are a structured social setting for aging adults during daytime hours. In a secure setting, a trained activity team, nurses, and personal care assistants provide supervision with activities, meet personal care needs, administer medications, and monitor other health conditions.

Not only can adult day services give you respite, but they’re also beneficial to your loved one. According to Harvard Medical School, isolation contributes to mental decline, and your loved one needs to interact with people outside of your household. We find that adults who participate in senior day services enjoy the opportunity to live a fuller, more engaged life.

What is a Typical Day in Adult Day Services?

The first thing you might notice about high-quality adult day services is that it is a community of caring professionals and an opportunity to make new friends. Flexibility and creativity are foundational to senior day services, so participants want to come back every day.

We can’t stress enough how valuable a community of friends is to an aging adult participating in adult day services. They’ll have the opportunity to make new friends while participating in fun activities. Plus, they’ll be surrounded by a team of professionals dedicated to connecting with seniors and building friendships with them.

Senior day services are fun and uplifting. Members have the opportunity to engage in activities they enjoy. Whether participants are playing a game of UNO or tending a garden, they’ll find that each day is different. Adult day services will include group activities to encourage community, which is one of the biggest benefits of senior day services. Other activities are designed to keep seniors active. These might include daily exercise to promote wellness and leisure activities like games, field trips, crafts, and more. Read more about how important daily exercise is for seniors.

Caring for an Elderly Parent or Spouse can be Exhausting. Get the Support and Day Respite You Need

At Menno Haven, we know that you need time for yourself. We offer ElderDay to support caregivers in Chambersburg and the surrounding areas while giving their loved ones time with friends – so you both can come back together at the end of the day feeling refreshed and encouraged.

While the ElderDay team of committed professionals supports your loved one, you can get caught up with household chores and errands; relax with friends and family; take an exercise class, or even go back to work. If you’ve been overwhelmed trying to balance caregiving with the other demands of daily life, then ElderDay can give you the support you need so you can continue being an energized caregiver. Contact us today to schedule a free visit.