Physical Therapy for Seniors: Ways to Incorporate Emotional Support

Physical therapy for seniors is a necessary piece of their wellness journey. Whether it helps them recover from a surgery or enables them to resume their normal range of activities, rehabilitative care is a way to support seniors’ overall health so they can get back to what matters most.

Since physical and emotional health are often tied closely together, Menno Haven believes that emotional support is an essential part of physical therapy for many older adults. Research indicates that social or emotional support helps individuals be more physically active in general, while a better state of emotional well-being can be beneficial for recovery in those experiencing physical ailments. Clearly, participants must receive both physical and emotional care to facilitate a successful recovery in physical therapy.

At Menno Haven, we are dedicated to providing this combination of compassionate care and support for seniors in physical therapy by building strong relationships with our residents, creating safe, comfortable environments, and addressing the unique concerns and fears of older adults.

Techniques for Incorporating Emotional Support in Physical Therapy

To ensure the best experience for our guests, the Menno Haven team members utilize a number of emotional support techniques during physical therapy sessions. These include:

  • Active listening – Team members fully engage with guests throughout sessions, taking an empathetic approach to understanding each resident’s unique situation.
  • Open communication – Team members encourage participants to voice their fears and concerns without fear of judgment, offering reassurance and motivation.
  • Customization – Team members tailor therapy sessions to meet the individual needs and preferences of every participant.

Personalized care is a top priority at Menno Haven, so we work to create a plan bringing together a combination of these strategies that will help residents feel uniquely supported in the ways that best suit their emotional and physical needs.

Creating a Comfortable and Safe Environment for Seniors

Menno Haven strives to create environments that are not only safe for seniors but also fun, friendly, and engaging. Designed with the unique needs of older adults in mind, we offer rehabilitation services in spacious guest suites filled with an abundance of natural lighting.

Our amenities also include a spa for relaxation, living rooms where residents can enjoy refreshments while chatting with team members, friends, and family, and a special dining service featuring menu options catered to each participant’s individual nutritional needs. With a distinct focus on providing the comfort and safety that enables seniors to live actively and independently, these warm, inviting areas are unlike any other rehabilitation centers in the area.

Addressing Challenges and Fears in Physical Therapy for Seniors

Older adults experiencing physical ailments may develop a fear of falling, which makes it challenging for them to progress through physical therapy. These concerns can often be frustrating for seniors, as they are often difficult to voice.

However, studies indicate that people tend to feel less fearful when participating in community-based activities compared to home-based activities. This may speak to the power of emotional and social support to help seniors both address and overcome their fears associated with falling or other aspects of physical ailments.

Physical Therapy for Seniors at Menno Haven

Menno Haven’s comprehensive range of services includes rehabilitation, personalized care, and skilled living, providing opportunities for seniors to receive the care they need while still living independently in a way that they choose. For more information about how Menno Haven can support both you and your loved ones, schedule an in-person visit to tour our amenities or reach out and speak with a friendly team member today.