Menno Haven: Your Source for Experts in Elder Care

If you are caring for an elderly loved one with dementia, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to turn. Fortunately, Menno Haven is here to help you every step of the way.

As experts in elder care, our highly trained and experienced staff members have the knowledge and compassion necessary to provide comprehensive support designed specifically for people living with dementia.

Our goal is to ensure that each individual receives the very best in quality care while preserving their dignity and honoring their sense of autonomy as much as possible. At Menno Haven, we understand how important it is for both those affected by dementia and their caregivers alike to feel safe, valued, respected—and most importantly—heard during this unique time.

If you need additional support as a caregiver, please read on to learn more about our ElderDay adult day program at Menno Haven and how it can help you!

1. Socialize in a Safe and Supportive Community

Our ElderDay Program is a structured social setting that provides care for aging adults with dementia during daytime hours in a secure setting. But it’s more than a program; it’s a safe and supportive community with a close-knit team that gets to know every member. When your loved one comes to ElderDay, they can expect to be greeted by caring professionals who build lasting friendships!

2. Our Trained Staff Provide Expert Care

Most of the team are Certified Dementia Practitioners who bring a high level of knowledge and experience to working with people with dementia.

Our trained activity staff, nurses, and personal care assistants supervise activities, meet personal care needs, administer medications, and monitor other health conditions.

3. Get To Know Us Better

Here’s a closer look into the roles and responsibilities that comprise the members of our elder care team who will be working with your loved one:

  • Director
    Our program director is often the first person you’ll meet when you join ElderDay, as she enrolls new members and helps them smoothly transition into our program. She also oversees program management, which includes building a team of dedicated senior care professionals. She also coordinates with county and state agencies to ensure that the ElderDay program implements best practices and creates a safe environment for our senior adult participants.
  • Program Nurse
    Many of our participants require medication administration and treatments, and our program nurse, a licensed LPN, ensures that participants get proper dosages and treatments. She also works to keep assessments and additional tasks related to regulatory requirements up to date and compliant.
  • Activities Coordinator
    Our activities coordinator brings the fun! She plans, organizes, and leads the social activities of the center so that participants can enjoy a full and enjoyable experience each and every day.
  • Program Assistant
    Our program assistant provides personal elder care assistance to members so that every need is cared for, including bathing.

Meet Our ElderDay Team in Person – Join Us for a Free Tour

If you need additional assistance in elder care for your loved one with dementia, we hope you’ll consider our ElderDay program. It supports caregivers and allows them to have time to work, care for their children, or enjoy respite—all while their loved one is enjoying a full and fun day.

ElderDay is a place where your loved one is cared for and cared about. Contact us today for a free tour.