Memory Care Activities at Menno Haven

At Menno Haven, memory care activities, which aim to stimulate cognitive function, are an essential component of memory care. These can improve the quality of life for those with memory loss, offering the enrichment of social interaction, mental stimulation, and purposeful activity.

Benefits of Memory Care

Some of the goals of memory care activities include improved cognition, memory retention, attentiveness, and problem-solving skills. These may promote neuroplasticity, which enables the brain to create new neural pathways.

Moreover, these activities can help improve mood, enabling residents to enjoy a strong sense of purpose and enjoyment. This can help reduce levels of anxiety and depression, which in turn can reduce agitation and other behavioral challenges. Therapy and mindfulness exercises can also help residents feel relaxed and at ease.

Memory care activities can also offer residents a strong sense of independence and agency as they make purposeful choices and participate in enriching activities.

Types of Memory Care Activities

There are various types of memory care activities:

  • Physical Activities
    Physical activities can help residents improve cognition, sleep patterns, and the maintenance of physiological health. Walking, yoga, and chair exercises can help residents slow cognitive decline.
  • Mental and Cognitive Activities
    Puzzles, rain games, and memory exercises can be extremely beneficial to residents. These exercises provide mental stimulation that can promote neuroplasticity and help improve cognitive function, such as memory recall.
  • Sensory Activities
    Sensory stimulating activities such as aromatherapy, art therapy, and music therapy can help residents. These can help residents feel at ease, help them connect with pleasant memories, and help them improve their mood.
  • Social Activities
    Group discussions, art classes, outings to enriching destinations such as museums or scenic locations, and other social activities can also greatly improve the quality of life for our residents. These can help reduce isolation and feelings of loneliness and can encourage companionship.

Examples of Memory Care Activities at Menno Haven

Some of the examples of memory care activities we carry out at Menno Haven include:

  • Art therapy — can help residents express themselves extraverbally.
  • Music therapy — can stimulate recall of memories and evoke positive emotions.
  • Reminiscence therapy — involves looking at photographs and holding discussions about memories and the past and can help residents maintain a strong sense of individual identity.
  • Gardening and Nature activities — can offer the enriching experience of being close to nature and can help stimulate cognitive function.
  • Exercise — can help residents maintain their physical strength and well-being, as well as a positive mental state.

Memory Care Activities in a Memory Care Facility

Memory care facilities aim to meet the unique needs of individuals experiencing memory loss. They’re designed to be both safe and comfortable as well as conducive to independence and meaningful individual agency. Here, team members can work closely with family members and residents to tailor activities for individual residents with their unique abilities, goals, and preferences in mind. To that end, family members participate in activities and collaborate with team members in planning.

Find Comfort & Fulfillment with Menno Haven

Memory care activities can be extremely beneficial, standing to significantly improve not only the quality of life but the maintenance of physiological and cognitive health as well for those with memory loss. The Memory Homes at Menno Haven offer a range of activities designed to meet these goals and the needs of residents. Contact us to schedule a tour—you or your loved one can find fulfillment and purpose in each new day.