Winter Impacts Social Isolation in Older Adults: How Independent Living Can Help

Sleet. Snow. Freezing Rain. It’s a recipe for staying inside, which can lead to more social isolation in older adults. 

How the Season Impacts Senior Loneliness

With the colder months approaching, the weather conditions and the inability to spend as much time outdoors can all be causes of social isolation and loneliness. 

Plus, the holidays can often be even more isolating for older adults, with many of their loved ones staying busy with holiday commitments. There can also be sadness about how quiet the holidays seem compared to past times. 

But the good news is that there are opportunities for social connection and building new memories with other older adults. Independent living communities are designed specifically for older adults. They might include amenities like restaurants, hair salons, fitness centers, coffee shops, rehab and health clinics, studios for creative work, pools, fire pits, and more – all in a safe, self-contained community. 

Independent Living Communities Offer Resources For Seniors Living Alone

If you’re an older adult who wants social interaction, you might want to consider an independent living community. It’s a great way to avoid senior loneliness. A strong community facilitates interaction with others and forms new friendships. 

Many activities are onsite; if not, the community will provide transportation. This makes it easy for an older adult to connect with others, especially when the weather makes getting out difficult. 

Staying socially active and connected is vital to avoiding social isolation in older adults. A senior community can provide a full calendar of planned activities to be shared with a community of friends, including: 

  • Holiday activities and performances
  • Clubs and committees
  • Volunteer programs
  • Intergenerational programs
  • Weekly trips to restaurants, theater shows, and museums

Other opportunities to interact socially might include:

  • Meeting a friend for coffee within the community
  • Participating in community fitness activities like Tai Chi or Yoga
  • Swimming in a heated community pool
  • Attending a worship service
  • Gathering around a firepit with friends
  • Go to an onsite movie theater
  • Participate in hobbies like woodworking

Discover Menno Haven Independent Living Communities 

If you think an independent living community might be a good fit for you, we invite you to consider the ways Menno Haven can help you live confidently. We invite you to learn more. 

At Menno Haven, we offer two neighborhoods, Brookview and Chambers Point, full of friendly, warm, inviting neighbors with similar interests. Menno Haven is committed to building a community with supportive services to help older adults. We’d love to show you all the benefits that an independent living community has to offer. Call us today to plan your visit.