Home for the Holidays: A Conversation About Personal Care at Menno Haven

Home for the Holidays: A Conversation about Personal Care at Menno Haven – Chambersburg Retirement , a Retirement Community in Chambersburg, PA

Are you visiting your mom and dad for the holidays? This can look a little different as the years go by. Perhaps there is a difference in their personal appearance or the house that used to be immaculate is now in disarray.  If this sounds like your personal experience, it is time to see if Menno Haven Personal Care is the right fit for your loved one.

Difficult conversations with family members are hard. Many adult children often delay or wait until a fall or crisis happens. Here are a few tips for starting a productive, empathetic and constructive conversation with your senior loved one about what Assisted Living or Personal Care looks like.

  1. Research and Visit Senior Living Communities in Places That They Want to Be.

Before you start the conversation you need to do the proper research and learn more about what assisted living/personal care is and find out if it is a fit for what your loved one needs.  Remember, choices matter! Check to see if there are multiple dining venues, wellness programs, educational offerings, and hobbies that they are interested in at the different communities. Learn more.

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  1. Put Yourself in their Shoes and Walk the Journey with Them

Before you start the conversation, put yourself in their shoes. There are myths and stereotypes on retirement communities that are very real for seniors. At Menno Haven, we know that many seniors still think of retirement communities as they were many years ago. Some think that it is a requirement to participate in activities every day, that they have no privacy, or that they have to eat lunch at a certain time. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but we know seniors may buy into these myths and can make them resistant to change.

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  1. Have Realistic Expectations

This is not a one-and-done conversation. Unless emergency strikes, it isn’t realistic to expect your loved one to agree with you right away. Think of this as a process. Opening the door to this conversation will make the move much easier.

Not sure how to get started? Our Senior Living Advisors would be happy to help and walk alongside you and your loved one to help navigate what Menno Haven Personal Care Retirement Services looks like. Call us today at 717.262.2373