Get Connected at Menno Haven!

Menno Haven is an active retirement community in south central, Pennsylvania dedicated to helping adults live confidently.

Residents are living the good life at Menno Haven while still staying connected with friends and family. Many residents communicate with their loved ones via smartphones, tablets, and other devices. And when they need help, they know just where to go. The Tech Bar at the new Life Center is paving the way for residents to stay on top of their tech needs and maintain the connections that matter most.

These days you can do almost anything online – make doctor’s appointments, shop for groceries and clothing, order prescriptions. You name it and technology can make it happen. While technology is useful in our everyday lives, it can be hard to rely on when problems arise. That is when the Menno Haven Tech Bar comes to the rescue! When residents have questions about their portable technology, the team is ready to advise and assist.

technology help

It’s not every day you find somewhere to help you with your devices without being charged or encouraged to buy other products. Director of Tech Ops Steve Vanzca says, “when the planning for the Life Center was underway, we knew we wanted to provide folks with the resources to stay on top of the technology-driven world we live in.”


iPhone. Android. Kindle. Microsoft. Tweets. What does it all mean? The team at the Tech Bar has the knowledge and experience to guide folks in the right direction. Residents can learn the ins and outs of their new devices and find recommendations on products or other local tech services that can best suit their needs. The team also helps folks navigate through many different social media platforms so they can stay in touch with their friends and family.

Along with the availability of one-on-one assistance, the Tech Bar is stocked with all the necessary accessories residents may need including USB cables, wireless keyboards, remotes, batteries and more. Photo printing is also available, giving folks the opportunity to print and hold onto those precious memories captured on their device.

At Menno Haven, it’s all about providing opportunities for residents to live the good life and stay connected with loved ones.

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