Caring for an Elderly Parent? We Are Here to Help

Caring for an elderly parent can be fulfilling and at times stressful, especially if you aren’t sure of the best ways to support their quality of life. Access to physical and emotional support to maintain their quality of life can make a world of difference and help your loved one thrive, day in and day out while providing needed assistance to caregivers.

If you’re caring for an elderly parent, you aren’t alone. From types of care to challenges involved, here is our helpful guide to supporting and caring for older adults.

Tips for Providing Physical Care

Physical and personal care for an elderly parent often involves assistance with daily activities that some might be unable to perform independently, such as dressing, eating, and bathing. Seniors can benefit from physical care to enhance their quality of life while safeguarding their independence.

Beyond assisting with daily activities, you can help care for your elderly parent by supporting their mobility and equipping them with necessary home modifications and assistive devices, such as walkers, wheelchairs, auditory amplification devices, and more. Keep the environment as safe as possible with modifications and safety measures, like indoor ramps and railings or benches in the shower.

You can go the extra mile to support their mobility and personal care by encouraging them to engage in physical activities, such as those available through Menno Haven. Our indoor pool and fitness classes are important for elderly residents looking to maintain independence and protect their well-being through physical activity.

Emotional Support for Elderly Parents

Physical care is vital for older adults—but don’t forget the importance of providing ample emotional support for your elderly parent. Whether your parent receives help in a community like Menno Haven or at-home support, staying positive and engaging in meaningful discussions can help them feel safe and secure.

To provide the emotional support your parent needs, practice active listening. Hear their concerns and validate their emotions, even if these emotions are difficult and complex. Take time to reminisce about positive, fulfilling memories and engage with them meaningfully.

You can also provide emotional support for your parent by encouraging them to participate in social activities and maintain connections through communities like Menno Haven. By helping them stay involved in their community, you ensure that your parent has the emotional support they need from you and their peers.

Common Challenges in Caring for Elderly Parents

While caring for an elderly parent can be rewarding, it’s not without its challenges. Many caregivers experience caregiver burnout because of the emotional and physical toll of providing continuous care without outside help and expert guidance.

Another issue that impacts parent and child alike is the role reversal that occurs when caring for an elderly parent. Some have difficulty allowing their children to take on a caregiver role, even in times of need. Challenges also arise when making difficult decisions about medical treatment or planning ahead for end-of-life care.

Though these challenges are common, you can receive the guidance and support you need by turning to the team members at Menno Haven.

How Menno Haven Can Help

Providing physical and emotional support to your elderly parent is vital to increasing their quality of life and helping them live with dignity and independence. The team members at Menno Haven can help with the process of caring for a loved one by providing a welcoming environment and community where they will thrive. As a life plan community, we are able to customize the level of care and support your parent requires while adapting to their changing needs. Contact Menno Haven today or schedule a tour to see how our world-class care can be a resource for you and your family.