6 Reasons Skilled Living is Different Than a Nursing Home

If you or a loved one are looking for a place to live in the later years of life, a nursing home often feels like a last resort.

Whether it’s the thought of moving from your place of comfort or the stigma and misconceptions that surround the nursing home environment, Menno Haven has dedicated its Mission to provide more than care. We aim at nurturing the human spirit where you or a loved one can live freely and confidently with skilled living services.

Skilled living at Menno Haven

What is skilled living?

Often referred to as skilled nursing, the goal is for residents to live the life they want to in the maximum amount of comfort.
At Menno Haven, we have designed skilled living to encourage choice, mutual respect, and a sense of individual dignity.

Not every person who needs skilled care has the same experience. Our residents get to create the life they desire as our daily activities are centered on resident choice instead of being driven by schedules and routines. That is why Menno Haven believes in providing person-centered care. Meeting regularly with family members ensures that we create meaningful activities and interactions designed for your loved one.

Here are 6 reasons why skilled living at Menno Haven is different than a nursing home:

  1. Daily activities centered on resident’s choice: We don’t drive the days with schedules and routines forced on our residents. We let the residents pick and choose what best suits them. Whether that means they get up at 9 AM or if they want breakfast foods for dinner, life is designed on their terms.
  2. Privacy: We pride ourselves on providing private and semi-private rooms and private bathrooms, so you can maintain independence and dignity. Want family to visit? We have indoor and outdoor family gathering areas to celebrate everyday happenings or life’s monumental events.
  3. Personalization: In addition to privacy, we thrive on the personalization of each resident. We want their living space to be truly theirs and to feel like home.
  4. Made-to-order culinary services: Gone are the cafeteria lines and delivery trays. We want to serve you with the utmost dignity, which includes providing made-to-order food in one of our dining areas or to your door. You also aren’t on a timetable to eat; do so when you want!
  5. Rehabilitation services: Designed like a med-spa, you will receive state-of-the-art therapy services personalized to your specific needs. Every interaction has been carefully designed to nurture the body, mind, and spirit.
  6. Shared leadership: Each team member is responsible for assisting residents with laundry, cleaning, cooking, care needs, and activities of daily living. This is how they take on shared leadership within the home, providing person-centered care.

Skilled Nursing Near Me

Menno Haven Health Care Centers provide a world-class environment for skilled living care in Chambersburg, PA. Our location is the area’s largest and most well-respected retirement community.

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