5 Things to Do to Plan a Happy, Healthy Future For Aging Parents

As adults with aging parents, you might have become part of the “sandwich generation”, where you have children of your own to care for while keeping an eye on your parents if they need help.

It’s often a challenging situation—physically, mentally, and emotionally—but a little planning can go a long way! Whether you’re looking to take action now or down the road, knowing you have a plan in place helps everyone involved live confidently!

Menno Haven has five planning tips to help aging parents today.

Secure a long-term living situation

Your parents might want to stay in their home as they age. In some situations, this may be suitable, but in others, it may become harder to navigate. Consider the pros and cons of aging in place. Investigate other options available to you and your parents, such as our senior living community.

Menno Haven provides world-class services for seniors living in Chambersburg, PA. Our location is the area’s largest and most well-respected retirement community, as we bring a holistic approach to meet the mind, body, and spirit of each individual.

Ensure finances are in order

One area that is important for your parents’ future is their finances. At the bare minimum, you should know about their income streams. This often includes retirement funds, stocks or investments, investment properties, or other work they may do on the side. Know the names of their banks and financial advisors, and if you should prepare for special permission ahead of time in case of emergencies.

Create a healthcare plan

In addition to finances, healthcare is another vital component. If your parents are 65 or older, they qualify for Medicare. However, they still need to purchase Medicare Part B and Part D, as well as supplemental, if needed. Proactive health is key for happiness and overall well-being, so create a plan with your parents and check coverage for not only emergencies and major health issues, but also preventative care.

Ask about estate planning

It’s difficult to consider what will happen beyond a parent’s lifetime, but it’s crucial to discuss wills and estate planning to avoid surprises. Funeral plans, monetary playouts, charitable donations, and personal wishes are among the most important. Estate planning goes hand-in-hand with checking finances, as certain items will need beneficiaries to be listed.

Help them thrive

Helping your parent navigate this next chapter can be challenging but rewarding as well! After years of working, they have the opportunity to accomplish some goals and wishes—even if that means spending each morning with a hot cup of coffee and a good book or taking a daily stroll! Living confidently means different things to different people, so ask your parents what it is they want to do each day, week, month, or year that would make them happy.

With a little planning and some questions answered, your parents will have a plan for their future that you can stick to so that aging isn’t overwhelming. We never know when life can change, and it will feel good to have peace of mind and a roadmap when decisions feel tough.

Enjoy these moments with your parents. You both deserve it.

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