5 Social Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

In years past, intense physical exercise might have been a part of your normal set of routines. But, as you get older, you may find that you’re not always able to perform the same routine kinds of movement you used to took part in. However, aging does not mean that a person can’t or shouldn’t enjoy a wide range of activities to ensure an active and healthy lifestyle.

Working out on a regular basis not only presents individuals with physical health benefits, but this activity can also improve one’s social well-being. Read on to discover five social benefits of exercise for seniors.

Benefit 1: Improved Mood

Getting regular exercise can help boost a person’s mood, especially when there’s a social element surrounding workout routines. Because exercising prompts the brain to release endorphins, physical activity can help reduce stress and anxiety, promote better sleep, and produce an overall sense of well-being in active individuals.

On top of inducing natural good moods, exercise also helps individuals feel happier due to the heart-healthy effects of exercise. Feeling better physically can most definitely promote holistic wellness.

Benefit 2: Community & Friendship Support

At Menno Haven, our retirement communities and personal care services offer many amenities, including programs focused on physical activity that have a group element to them. These arrangements are not only great for a resident’s physical health, but exercising with others can help adults maintain their friendships and develop a stronger connection with the community as a whole.

Benefit 3: Cognitive Enhancement

Exercise, even a low-impact routine, is great for a person’s cognitive functions. As such, encouraging regular physical activity in a senior living community is crucial. Studies suggest that exercise prevents the development of dementia and keeps an individual’s cognitive capacities and fine motor skills sharp.

Pairing exercise with social interaction may very well compound the positive effects, as social exercise makes the activity itself more enjoyable, and encourages people to casually multitask (ex: talking and exercising).

Benefit 4: Fun & Engagement

Depending on the routine, exercise can be fun and engaging. When people form groups and take part in a physical activity they all enjoy, it can barely feel like exercise at all. Completing a task that’s fun and refreshing is often a lot easier and more rewarding than following a dull routine simply out of habit.

Benefit 5: Communication Skill Development

Exercise groups are a significant perk that comes with living at Menno Haven. When an individual is exposed to familiar faces while taking part in a routine activity, that individual feels comfortable to interact with others. Fitness classes or informal exercise groups can provide seniors with excellent opportunities to have conversations with their peers, develop friendships, and build stronger communication skills.

Customized Care and Community at Menno Haven

Exercise routines are highly customizable, and because of this, there’s an exercise style or discipline that’ll be suitable for almost anyone. If you’re an older adult or you have a loved one you enjoy spending time with, there’s no better time to start an exercise routine. Gentle, low-impact exercise is beneficial on many levels, so be sure to work at your own pace and pay attention to what your body needs.

If you have specific questions, want to schedule a tour, or would just prefer to speak to one of our friendly team members in person, we’d love to chat with you!