3 Ways Our Senior Independent Living Communities Will Help You Thrive

As we age, the opportunities to lead fulfilling and happy lives are abundant. However, some people find that aging isolates them, and they struggle to find the fulfillment they might have known when they were younger. That is one of the many benefits of senior independent living communities. We’re here to help our residents live their best lives. We focus on three areas: connecting socially, alleviating stress, and promoting wellness.

1. We’ll Help You Find Social Connection

At Menno Haven we believe life should be fun—no matter your age. Unfortunately, aging at home can lead to a lack of opportunities to have fun and connect with others. That’s why we think the social opportunities in our senior independent living communities are essential for flourishing in this life stage.

Whatever our residents’ interests may be, our team promotes a fun and healthy lifestyle, so life will never be boring here. Since many of our residents have lifelong hobbies that they bring to the community, we do everything we can to help them continue doing the things that bring them joy.

Our communities have a variety of activities, including:

  • Intellectual Groups
  • Woodworking
  • Gardening
  • Painting

Plus, our senior independent living communities help residents stay socially active and connected. When someone moves to Menno Haven, they experience neighborhoods full of friendly, warm, inviting neighbors with similar interests—it’s one of the most significant benefits of independent living.

Social and community opportunities include:

  • A mentor program to welcome new residents and prospects to the community
  • Resident-organized clubs and committees
  • Volunteer programs
  • Special events
  • Work with local charities and organizations in our greater community
  • Intergenerational programs
  • Weekly trips to restaurants, theater shows, and museums

2. We’ll Help Relieve the Stressors of Everyday Life

We’ve built senior independent living communities designed to help our residents enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle through support with the activities of daily living. Whether it’s plowing snow or keeping up with basic everyday home maintenance, our residents can rest easy knowing that things will be taken care of by our outstanding team.

Plus, another one of the benefits of independent living is that daily errands and activities are made simple with our many onsite amenities or transportation services. Our senior independent living communities provide proximity to everything our residents need for daily living including:

  • Transportation
  • Libraries
  • Pharmacy
  • Chapels
  • Shop
  • Banks
  • Salons and Spa
  • On Call Maintenance

3. We’ll Help You Cultivate Wellness

Staying fit isn’t always easy in any life stage, especially the golden years. That’s why we provide a community of support to help you reach your fitness goals. Our fitness team at Menno Haven will help you reach or continue your health goals.

You can stay active and healthy all year round in one of our three indoor pools, at one of our fitness classes, or on walks around our beautiful, well-kept grounds. In addition, you’ll have opportunities to connect with like-minded peers for mutual encouragement and support.

Can We Help You or Your Family Member Live Your Best Life?

A connected, stress-free, and holistic environment might be the solution you need. Schedule a visit today to explore all of the amenities our senior independent living communities have to offer. We’d love to help you find the support you need to enjoy fulfilling lives in a community of friends.