Project Genesis

New Season at Menno Haven:
Who doesn’t love the sight of new flowers growing in the first few months of spring? Much like the steps involved in growing the beautiful spring foliage we all love, Menno Haven has started planting some seeds that will be constructed to benefit the residents, staff, and community from top to bottom.

On February 22rd and 23th at Wilson College, Chambersburg PA, residents and staff members alike got a firsthand look at current Project Genesis. Much like spring symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings, the term Genesis brings to light the same idea. As soon as you stepped into the event you could feel the energy and liveliness of the new innovative and strategic plans to fully bring Menno Haven’s infrastructure to align with a world-class organization. There were several stations set up in a round-robin fashion. Each session was about 15-minutes in length presented and went into detail about what each structure offered and the idea behind each.

Presentations included the CEO, Hugh Davis. He presented an overview and gave the reasoning for the strategic plan. Senior Leadership presented on each phase such as the new Life Enrichment addition for Chambers Pointe, the Independent Living facilities, the Memory Care facilities and house settings, the Resident Life Center, and the Rehabilitation center. Other add-ons included a new facility for the grounds and maintenance staff.

Rehabilitation Center:
What is known for sure is the first building to break ground on will be the new Rehabilitation Center. This building will be based in the Brookview community and be near to the road so that it is one of the first buildings you will see at Menno Haven. A short-stay skilled Rehabilitation Center, unlike any in the region, will allow the aid in the recovery of individuals that experience illness after surgery or other trauma. Patients will be able to transition to their care in a setting designed to suit their therapeutic needs and usher them back to their homes, restored to health and mobility. The 44 suites with private baths will be designed to promote community and mutual encouragement while also providing needed rest and serenity. Meals will be more therapy than sustenance – adopting a hospitality model rather than a “healthcare setting” feel. A Therapy Gym will utilize cutting-edge equipment, such as the AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill, which can speed up the recovery process, whether from illness or surgery. A faster recovery, with less pain and less stress, improves and extends quality of life and will be the primary goal of this venue.

Resident Life Center:
Lots of buzz and excitement came from a session on the new Resident Life Center. The Resident Life Center will become the hub of active life for the independent living residents of Menno Haven. This meaningful addition will add needed dining, life enrichment, wellness and entertainment areas which all residents will be welcome to use. One dining venue will include “marketplace style” dining with a variety of different types and styles of food – salad bar today, Italian tomorrow. A separate dining room will offer menu and table service, along with outdoor dining. The Convocation Room will allow for large gatherings at Menno Haven. Today, barely 100 people can be accommodated in one of the chapels. This new meeting space will accommodate up to 250 for concerts, worship services, on-line streaming events, town hall meetings, theater performances or lectures. An outdoor green space will host events such the Easter Egg Hunt and the Alzheimer’s 5K Run.

Health Care Center:
The new Skilled Health Care Center will replace the Brookview Nursing Center with a 21st-century person-centered environment. Instead of long endless hallways, the new Health Care Center will feature six integrated households each comprised of private rooms with private bathrooms, designed access to private courtyards, cooked-to-order culinary service, LEED, and Energy Star design features and an on-site chapel. In this person-centered care environment, residents will be given more say in every aspect of their lives, so that “home” truly means home in the most intimate and personal way. Visitors and family members will be able to share special times with loved ones in comfortable and welcoming living areas. The full integration of a person-before-task care model, with core teams of staff permanently assigned to specific households, will create a new level of intimacy between staff and residents.

Memory Care Houses:
The new and innovative Memory Care environment, in the form of two “Small House” buildings, will be constructed as part of the Chambers Pointe community and will provide world-class dementia care services. Each Memory Care House includes 12 private rooms with private bathrooms where residents will experience customized community activities for that household. Utilizing the latest Memory Care research, important elements such as room design, colors, lighting and integrated technology will allow care to be individually tailored to each residents’ needs, preferences, and patterns. Ancillary services, such as nursing care, therapy, barber/beauty services and more will be on-site, which has been documented to reduce stress among individuals stricken with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

While there aren’t specific dates given for the start of each building—the construction details are being rendered and planned out over the next few years. Residents and staff alike, are encouraged to speak to any concerns or ideas they might have as Menno Haven truly wants to incorporate each and every person in this exciting new chapter in Menno Haven’s history.

Stay Tuned For Project Genesis updates!


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