Project Genesis Announcement

In spring of 2016 we announced our plans to execute a bold 5 year mission-driven strategic plan that will position Menno Haven to grow and prosper well into the future. Since then, we have been hard at work continuing to develop the plan, choosing strategic partners such as bankers and contractors, and developing the preliminary architectural designs. We are so grateful for all the kind words of encouragement the leadership team have received from residents and team members as we embark on this journey.

The dictionary defines “Genesis” as “an origin, creation, or beginning”. Our strategic plan is definitely a new beginning. A new beginning that will serve our current residents and future generations of seniors at Menno Haven. We strive to hold on to the best of the past and look toward the future as we live out our mission.

As we move forward, this plan will be known and referred to as Project GENESIS!

As we enter the next phases of Project GENESIS, we want to keep you informed of our planning, progress, and execution. This blog will be where we will post updates on our progress as we go. Our goal is to keep you informed and in the know as we continue to progress through the project.


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