Vibrant Life



Every day is a new adventure at Menno Haven. Whether group activities or in the privacy of your own home, your choices are endless. Many of our program events are structured to help keep mind and body fit. But we like fun too! Concerts, cookouts, crafts, and hobbies
– There is something for everyone!

Menno Haven provides a full-time chaplaincy staff to lead regular Bible study and worship services in our on-site chapels, but they are also there to offer individual care and counsel as the challenges of life unfold.

Menno Haven offers 3 pools, 3 workout areas, 7 dining venues, 20 acres, multiple activities, library, computers, games, a chapel, and meeting spaces.

The surprising thing is that many of our resident’s experience is the support the feel from fellow residents each day. “Community” is experienced and grows through the common bond of A Vibrant Life at Menno Haven.

MENNO HAVEN is the perfect place for your future. Live an active and fulfilling life with the assurance of care and support when you need it.