Use These Three Tips to Find Senior Care Options that Nurture Your Loved One

Mind. Body. Spirit. Our quality of life depends on each interconnected part of the human experience being nurtured. And this is especially important for senior adults who often face health and cognitive challenges.

Moving into a senior care community can help with those challenges; however, it is a huge life change. We believe it can also be an incredibly positive experience when holistic attention is given to the senior’s mind, body and spirit.

If you are evaluating types of senior care for yourself or a loved one, keep these three tips in mind:

Nurture the Mind

Tip #1: Look for care options that focus on mental engagement by actively planning activities and offering services like a library.

The evidence is clear that isolation and lack of mental stimulation can actually increase the progression of dementia. That’s why it’s so important that senior care options provide an environment that is keeping seniors’ minds active. Many times individuals often don’t even realize how isolated they had become in their homes until they experience our options for senior care.

Senior living communities provide relationships outside their door and many fun, organized activities.  Whether it’s joining a book club, visiting the onsite library, listening to live music, or participating in a competitive game of UNO, seniors can do the things they love within a community of caring people.

Nurture the Body

Tip #2: Find senior care options that provide support for medication management, fitness, and nutrition.

Many of our seniors move into a senior community because self-care has become too challenging to manage independently. Care options should be committed to helping your loved one maintain the best quality of life possible.

Quality senior living communities offer residents variety, such as choices in their meals, which are offered three times a day. Another valuable aspect of senior living is the ability to help your loved one manage medication.

The availability of a gym and fitness classes are another great option for seniors who want to stay healthy and fit.

At Menno Haven, we create an atmosphere that supports the health and well-being of seniors. We are committed to helping you stay active through nutrition, medication, or exercise.

Nurture the Spirit

Tip #3: Find options for senior care with a holistic approach that nurtures your loved one’s spirit.

A senior community should nurture the spirit through onsite chaplain services, access to nature, or meaningful relationships.

Senior care options should encourage adults to maintain their dignity and freedom, even as medical circumstances change. At Menno Haven, we offer many onsite amenities that allow our residents to do their banking, exercise, visit the barber and beauty salon, or shop for necessities without driving or leaving the property.

Discover Senior Care Options in South Central Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for a community that will nurture your loved one’s mind, body, and spirit, our skilled living services are designed to encourage choice, mutual respect, and a sense of individual dignity.

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