The Three Best Tips for Transitioning to a Senior Community

When you began the process of considering a senior community, you spent countless hours discussing it with your family. You prayed about it. You researched it. And now that you’ve decided to join a senior community, you might be feeling a little anxious about moving.

We understand that it’s a big life change, but your transition can be smoother with these tips.

1.  Start Early with Planning a Retirement Move

We really can’t stress this enough. The fact is that moving to a senior community almost always requires some downsizing. When you consider that you’re sorting through items that you’ve likely accumulated over decades, downsizing isn’t something you want to rush if you don’t have to.

If possible, allow yourself some time to decide what you want to keep and what you to want pass along to someone else. While it can be hard to let things go, once the process is done, many of our residents find that their life is simpler and less stressful with less clutter.

2.  Make a Plan So It Feels Like Home

Even a smaller space can feel like home when your favorite things surround you. Think about the things you love in your current home. Is it family pictures? Is it a piece of furniture that was your grandmother’s? Is it the small treasures you picked up on a special vacation?

Make a list of those things that bring you joy and plan how you can find a place for them in your new space. Consider multipurpose uses for furniture. A hutch could display photos, hold your television, and store blankets. Also, don’t forget about wall space to display items where you could use narrow wall shelves and hooks.

Before moving day, take measurements of your new space and larger items so you can make sure they’ll fit. You might even find that drawing it out on graph paper is helpful. If you’d like to plan out your space on paper, you might find this video useful.

At Menno Haven, our independent living move-in coordinator can help you personalize your space with paint, cabinetry, counter, flooring, and fixture choices.

3.  Research Social Opportunities in Your Senior Community

We’d encourage you to begin researching opportunities to connect with other residents in your new home BEFORE you get there. Visit your new home before you move. Active living senior communities regularly schedule social events that will help you connect with new friends. See if you can attend some dinners and social events before move-in day.

Don’t forget to ask for information about ongoing social events, and go ahead and put them on your calendar. Living in a retirement community opens up many new opportunities for social engagement and new friends. It’s one of the best things about active senior communities!

Thinking About Moving to a Senior Community? Let’s Talk

We hope these tips will help be helpful as you are transitioning to a retirement community.  If you’re looking for a senior community, we’d like to help answer your questions. We know this is a big decision, and we’re dedicated to helping families make a smooth transition into a new home. Contact us today to learn more about planning a retirement move and why Menno Haven might be a great fit for you or your loved one.