Six Myths about Skilled Senior Living – And How Menno Haven is Breaking Myths!

Entering a new season in your life or the life of a loved one can bring unexpected changes. Aging looks different for each individual, including a range of emotions, especially if someone suggests a skilled senior living community.

There are many misconceptions and myths about what nursing care looks like. Menno Haven is “myth busting” those ideas and is committed to serving a progressive, uplifting atmosphere that flips the script. Here are six (6) common myths about skilled senior living and the truth about life at Menno Haven!

Myth #1: You go there only when you have no hope left

This frustrating myth stems from the additional care you may need as you age. However, the truth is a lot more nuanced. Menno Haven’s residents don’t move here to put their “better years” behind them, they come here, in fact, for just the opposite! So they can live the life they want. Our community offers a range of services, from laundry and housekeeping to medical and therapeutic care and more.

Myth #2: It is boring—all they play is BINGO

At Menno Haven, the residents are having all the fun! It isn’t all BINGO (though there are definitely competitive games within the community)!

We never set your activity or dining schedule—you have the freedom to live on your own terms. We have book clubs, wellness classes, competitive games, painting, crafts, and more. Do you enjoy something and don’t see it in our community? Talk with a team member and we can work to get it organized.

Myth #3: It is super expensive

We take pride in being upfront about our costs and give you the best pricing possible for your care. Our prices are inclusive, with no “extra” fees. After we determine the level of care, our costs can include private and semi-private rooms, private bathrooms, central living rooms, an open kitchen and dining room with made-to-order culinary services, and so much more.

Myth #4: You can’t bring your own personal items

We want your living space to feel just like home. Each resident has their own living space which is spacious and bright. Also, each room can be personalized with the resident’s own belongings so that the space is truly theirs, whether it’s knick-knacks, a special coffee mug or two, or a special quilt they crafted themselves—or all of those things!

Myth #5: The staff doesn’t care

It is our team that makes Menno Haven truly unique! Our team members enjoy getting to know the residents and being available for every need. We carefully select those who want to live out our mission each and every day: “We will be an innovative organization that nurtures the human spirit, is passionate about service, and demonstrates God’s love, one person at a time.”

Myth #6: Families have no say in the care

We build the plan around each individual’s needs with our person-centered service philosophy. When you join us, we sit down and design a care program that takes into account not only all the needs and wants of your loved one, but also their family. It’s important to us that you know your loved one is in good hands.

Now that we have busted these six myths about skilled senior living, we hope you are more comfortable with the upcoming changes as you or a loved one grows older. Menno Haven provides a world-class environment for senior living in Chambersburg, PA. Our location is the area’s largest and most well-respected retirement community, as we bring a holistic approach to meet the mind, body, and spirit of each individual.

Interested in learning more about Menno Haven? Contact us or call 1-833-636-6648