Protect Your Posture! Tips from the Menno Haven Rehabilitation Center

Menno Haven Rehabilitation Center, Chambersburg PA—-Maintaining good posture as we age is vital not just when exercising, but for posture support throughout our day. Poor posture that is not corrected can lead to long-term pain and effect balance, which can lead to hospital trips and rehabilitation stays.

We’ve asked Courtney Lilley, Physical Therapist Assistant and Outpatient Manager at the Menno Haven Rehabilitation Center, for some solid tips and tricks for better posture.

You see a lot of guests at the Rehabilitation Center. What are some of the common problems you see related to posture?

A. As a Physical Therapist, the most common problems I see related to posture are neck pain, strength and balance deficits, and weak muscles. A lot of individuals tend to have issues with walking properly and even have difficulty breathing. There is even an increased fall risk because the perception of center gravity is altered due to bad posture.

Q. What are ways to improve posture?

A. Working on improving posture should be an everyday activity. By increasing the range of motion in the neck, shoulders, scapula, and pelvis your posture improves and how you carry yourself throughout the day. Core strength also stabilizes your body and movements along with your posture. You will also feel better!

Q. What changes happen to our posture as we age?

A. As we age bone density decreases and cartilage deteriorates causing the space between our vertebras and joints to decrease. We need to keep our muscles strong to provide skeletal support to decrease postural changes such as rounded shoulders, forward head, and increased kyphotic curve.


Q. Are there any exercises that you suggest that help with posture in seniors?

A. Yes, my top 5 recommendations are cervical range of motion.

  • Chin tucks
  • Posterior shoulder rolls
  • Scapular retraction,
  • Posterior pelvic tilt
  • Corner pectoral stretches.

Q. How can the Menno Haven Rehabilitation Center help those who struggle with posture and gait issues?

A. With a physician referral for Physical or Occupational therapy, we can perform a comprehensive evaluation. We will test you for your range of motion, muscle strength, look for muscle imbalances, and test balance and gait. Based on those results we will develop an individualized plan of care with your goals in mind.

The thought of starting a therapy program may feel overwhelming, however, improving and maintaining strength, range of motion and balance will lead to a healthier lifestyle and greater quality of life!  Our therapists will be by your side assisting you to reach your individualized goals and help you live confidently!

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