Make 2020 the Year You Get Help with Caregiving

Adult Day Services in Chambersburg, PA at Menno Haven- Chambersburg Retirement, A Life Plan Community in Chambersburg, PA.

Take a pause from the stresses of caregiving. You have a lot of responsibilities and it can be overwhelming to find time to do even the most simple of those tasks. ElderDay is the support you need to continue to be a loving and energized caregiver. Check out three BIG ways that Menno Haven’s ElderDay is helping caregivers like you confidently take a pause from caregiving.

Caregiving in Franklin County

Time for You

ElderDay is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM to help give you the support you need when you need it.

Below is a list of activities that you can confidently get done while your loved one enjoys time at ElderDay Adult Day Services at Menno Haven:

  • Household Chores
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Exercise Classes
  • Going back to Work
  • Doctors’ Appointments
  • Taxes
  • And so much more


Social Activities for Your Loved One

ElderDay provides care in a social setting that enriches the life of the loved one with purpose, activities, and individualized attention. No two days look the same! Your loved one will have a blast with enriching activities, enjoy a healthy lunch, and will be in the care of experienced team members who get to know each and every member of ElderDay personally.

personal care seniors

Personal Care Services

Caregiving is hard. Personal hygiene and bathing your loved one can be difficult. ElderDay can help! With our senior-friendly spa services, you can trust that your loved one is getting the care they need during their time with us. You then can focus on being the loving spouse or family member that you are without the stress of bathing your loved one.

When you take a pause from caregiving responsibilities, you are making time to take care of yourself. It is difficult to keep up with your health, the house and all that comes with being a caregiver. Let ElderDay Adult Day Services support you and have your loved one join us for the day!

Want to learn more how ElderDay Adult Day Services at Menno Haven can help support you as a loving caregiver? We’d be happy to help and walk alongside you and your loved one! Call us today 717-709-4510