35 Ways ElderDay Helps Members Live Confidently!

Chambersburg, PA – 

Caregivers know firsthand that life does not stop just because they have acquired extra responsibilities. Careers, bills, appointments, social activities – all of these things continue on top of a new reality at home. Menno Haven helps caregivers and their loved ones navigate through this new phase of life with ElderDay. An adult day program is a safe, structured setting where aging adults can receive the care they need in an engaging atmosphere.

At Menno Haven, ElderDay has been keeping families together for 35 years! ElderDay is the support caregivers need to continue being a loving and energizing caregiver while also caring for themselves.  Their impact on those they serve is immeasurable. Happy Anniversary ElderDay!


To celebrate 35 years of keeping families together, here is a list of 35 ways ElderDay helps our members live confidently:

  1. Exercise – Seated, yoga, NuStep and Challenges
  2. Meals
  3. Bathing
  4. Medication Management
  5. Lively Discussions
  6. Physical Games
  7. The iN2l (It’s Never Too late) is a person-centered computer system programmed for activities, games, therapy and more. ElderDay team members use this technology to help enrich their programming.
  8. Individuals with impaired hearing may benefit from the Center’s Eversound Listening System that enhances seniors’ ability to hear and focus. By improving hearing ability, members can better communicate and engage in one-on-one interactions and group activities.
  9. Painting
  10. Cognitive Games
  11. Trivia
  12. Volunteer opportunities (benefit community charities)
  13. Spa Days
  14. Manicures
  15. Dance Parties
  16. Live Music
  17. Educational presentation
  18. Show n’ Tell Days
  19. Art
  20. Gardening
  21. Snuggles with Cats
  22. Crafts
  23. Reading
  24. Day Trips, Country Drives
  25. Guest Presenters
  26. Theme Days celebrating everyday life
  27. Outdoor Activities – picnics, games
  28. Karaoke
  29. Tram Rides
  30. Virtual Tours
  31. Adult Coloring
  32. Cookie Decorating
  33. Science Experiments
  34. Group Activities
  35. Spiritual Services

If you are looking for more assistance with caregiving check out our ElderDay program or other amenities we offer.

Menno Haven provides a world-class environment for senior living in Chambersburg, PA. Our location is the area’s largest and most well-respected retirement community, as we bring a holistic approach to meet the mind, body, and spirit of each individual.

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